Book a Personal, One-on-One Session with Angie

Not Your Typical Reading—or Reader!

When you work with me, you get a Tarot reader, psychic, cheerleader, and soul coach, all rolled into a joyful, squirrel-brained, laugh-filled, foul-mouthed package. When you sign up for a reading, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire ahead of time. After your reading, I’ll follow up with you regarding the homework I will inevitably assign you. If you choose, you can decide to add on a three-month coaching package with me to help you truly make your dreams come true! Once you become a client, you are a client for life. You are one of my people.

What You Won’t Get From Me

Fortune-telling or a quick one-and-done reading. I won't tell you when you’ll meet and/or marry Princex Charming, how many kids you’ll have, or when you’ll strike it rich. No lottery numbers coming from me!

What You Will Get From Me

Honest assessment, truth bombs, radical compassion, homework, and unconditional support for you to reach your goals—whatever those goals may be.

My Clients

My clients are people who are seriously interested in learning about themselves and taking action to become more empowered versions of themselves. Clients span all genders, abilities, religions, races, sexualities, traumas, ages, and incomes. If this resonates with you, come join us!

Type of Session

You can book two different types of sessions with me. They are both the same costs, dependent on the amount of time you’d like to book.

  1. Psychic Tarot

    I am a psychic and intuitive energy reader who uses tools such as Tarot cards and oracle cards to tap into Source. Sometimes, I receive messages from Spirit before or during readings. Every now and then, a departed loved one may come through. But mostly, I speak with your spirit guides. The energy reading you receive will be unique to your energy signature.

  2. Witchcraft/Spellwork Consultations

    Are you intrigued by witchcraft? Do you love the pretty pictures of crystals and forests and herb bundles we see on Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest, but wonder about how it all actually works? Work with me via video chat to discuss a specific spell you’d like to cast or general witchcraft questions! I am a practicing witch and with over 20 years’ experience designing and implementing powerful spells. When you book a consultation session with me, you can expect expert guidance for crafting witchery that is effective and unique to you, your goal, and your timeframe. I recommend the 45-minute session for consultations.

In addition to video appointments (booked below), I'm open to recording a video or written reading for you. Just drop me a note to request!

How it Works

I’m based in Portland, OR, and provide both written and in-person readings. Sometimes I travel, and I love to meet clients in-person when I do! Stay tuned to social media for travel announcements.

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